Counseling and Psychotherapy

At SA ̅KYA Health, we provide life changing Counselling Experience which is absolutely confidential and we deal and specialize in treating various mind symptoms and Psychoneurosis problems through Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapeutic techniques. We helps the Client to maintain his/her Mental Hygiene according to the international criteria of counseling profession. The broad objective is to develop the whole personality and help the individual adjust himself to reality. It not only tries to eliminate excessive emotions and extreme types of behavior as in Psychoneurotic cases but also deals with adjustment problems in normal individual.

Common issues people seek assistance includes

  • Stress, anxiety, fears and phobias
  • Not able to cope with change, uncertainty in life or financial and job pressures
  • Not able to sleep properly
  • Fear of Marriage
  • Pre-marital and post marital counseling
  •  Family counseling
  • Parental guidance and counseling for parents of children with
  • learning disabilities
  • Anxiety about children or family

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