Chronic Pain Management Program

More physicians now believe that intensive lifestyle modification can play a major role in the management of chronic pain because it can help in reducing chronic inflammation. This approach work majorly in conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic migraine, rheumatic pain, back pain, sciatic pain and different forms of arthritis. Intensive lifestyle modifications can improve daily functioning and quality of life and enhance the effectiveness of other pain treatment modalities. In some cases, the lifestyle changes are so successful that they can eliminate the need for other pain treatment modalities altogether.

The cornerstones of the program include:

  • An Anti-inflammatory diet.
  • The use of dietary supplements with anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Restorative exercise, with an emphasis on various forms of yoga and low-impact activity
  • Weight loss for overweight patients. Which in turn reduces adipokines and cytokines production.
  • Meditation and other stress management techniques, thereby reducing the brain’s perception of pain.
  •  Education and support in improving sleep habits.

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