Our E-Consultation platform will connect you with the experts at SAKYA HEALTH. You could be living anywhere, but your transformation is only a click away!

A unique blend of video conferencing, reading materials, round-the-clock telephonic support, and clinical visits (depending on where you are) enable us to provide you the personalized care that you require to reach your health and wellness goal.

Our Consultation Work Flow

Free Health Assessment

The free health assessment questioners help us to identify areas in your health where your body may not be functioning at its peak. We invite you to take our free health assessment and get your personalized health score. Here is what your score means:

0-15- Optimal

16-75-Not well

76-150-High risk

>151- Severe

Free Consultation

This 15-minute session will give you an opportunity to discuss your health goals, ask questions, and gain clarity on the possible underlying root causes that are contributing to your symptoms. In turn, we will assess your health goals and share with you the next steps to take to best support your health. This consultation also helps you better understand our approach and to see if it is a fit for you.

Comprehensive First Consultation

Before your Comprehensive first consultation, you will be sent a comprehensive medical questionnaire to complete at home. This form takes approximately 90-120 minutes to complete.  We also need a scanned copy of your existing or old report or any Health documents.

Your journey to health begins with Consultation of health, lifestyle, and nutrition assessments.

Lab Workup

Depending upon your history and previous lab, we may advise you to get further do lab workup to go deep into your health issues. 

Delivery of Health Plan

After we receive all your reports, we will reach you for a detailed consultation. In this phase, we will discuss your reports and medical history in detail and identify the root causes of your health conditions. We develop a treatment protocol, which includes personalized food and nutrition plans, lifestyle interventions, and depending upon the root cause of your Dis-ease, we may prescribe you supplements and herbs.

Follow-ups as per your treatment plan

Most chronic diseases take time to resolve, as we continue to work together, our team is available for remote or in-person follow-up appointments. You will receive ongoing support from us. We hope to continue to optimize your health, encourage prevention, and share new health discoveries with you. We provide you support with Zoom, Email, Phone, and messages. 

We are providing multiple treatment Plans for this. The most economical way to continue treatment is to take 1, 3, or 6 months treatment plan.

Pricing details are available upon request.

To read about others’ experiences working with us, check out our testimonials page.